What is Ribbon?

Ribbon is a polyester film (pet), on one surface of which there is a melting ink at a certain temperature and on the other surface there is a layer of protection layer. With this feature, it is used in barcode writings and provides the opportunity to transfer the desired information on the desired material (label).

Why Intersam Ribbon?

The wax, wax-resin and resin type thermal transfer ribbons and hotfoil coding foils that we offer to the market under the name of Intersam are entirely of American origin and work successfully and smoothly in Zevra, Toshiba, Argox and all barcode printer models that our customers use. The ribbons used for printing on materials such as Coated, Wellum, Akmaz, Silver and OPP, which are called thermal transfer in the industry, differ according to the model of the label printer to be used.

Wax Ribbons

It is more suitable for vellum and coated papers in terms of printing technique. Wax / Resin Ribbons (B110A) It is used for printing on polyethylene, polypropylene, Data PE papers. Ribbon mix: Carbon, some chemicals, Wax + Resin (30% wax (wax) + 70% resin (resin) is used so that it does not melt quickly, or 50% wax-50% resin is used. Wax/ It is a resin ribbon.The print on the label is deformed in the friction, hydraulic and alcohol test.

Resin Ribbons (D110A)

It is used for printing on Slwmat, Whitemat, Glosswhite, Care Label (Japanese Flux) paper and cloth labels. Ribbon mixture: Carbon, some chemicals, (resin)-hard, that is, hard to melt, high heat is used. 98% resin - 2% wax is used (usually for industrial use)

It is a resin ribbon resistant to the heaviest washings in textile printing and chemical and external conditions in synthetic materials. In the friction, hydraulic and alcohol test, a healthy result can be obtained without deforming the print on the label.