Printing Systems

flexo baskı

Flexo Printing

Thanks to the 9-color full UV flexo EFOKA printing machine we have as Intersam, we offer fast and low-cost solutions to your high-circulation works. Our company, with EKOFA printing machine, produces intermediate (reverse) printing, simultaneous printing on the back and front, cold gilding, paint on gilding, partial lacquer application, online rotary (leaf knife) cutting, cellophane coating, double layer (pigibag) label printing. can apply their techniques online in a single pass.

Ara (Ters) Baskı

Intermediate (Reverse) Print

Intermediate printing technique is the most preferred printing method in the chemical and vegetable oil sector. It is the type of label applied to the adhesive part of the label, which is generally preferred for packaging transparent products in which information such as content information and instructions for use is written. Thanks to this printing feature, companies can get rid of the cost of printing two separate labels (front and back) for their products and fit all their information on a single label at lower costs.

Ön-Arka Aynı Anda Baskı

Front-Back Simultaneous Printing

It is the preferred printing type for the products produced as non-adhesive (Entrance tickets, etc.). According to the design of the application, 5 colors on the front and 4 colors on the back can be printed simultaneously. With the planned knife mold, it can be cut either as a roll or as a single layer.

Çift Kat (Pigibag) Etiket

Double Layer (Pigibag) Label

It is a type of printing that is especially preferred and used extensively in the chemistry, agriculture and cosmetics sectors. It is a printing technique that is applied by pressing the two labels on top of each other and leaving the special part so that the customer can remove the label on the upper side, in cases where the information that is legally required to be on the label does not fit on the label to be applied. In this printing technique, the necessary information is printed on the surface of the label that will remain at the bottom, and then a special coating is applied on the part to be opened, plastered with another label, and the remaining prints are made on the upper surface and cut with a leaf knife.

Soğuk Yaldız Uygulaması

Cold Foil Application

Thanks to the 9-color flexo machine within Intersam, hot gilding can be applied as well as cold gilding. Hot gilding has some disadvantages compared to cold gilding. The heated brass plate used in the hot gilding application, working with the press- iron logic during the gilding transfer creates depressions in the gilded parts. This situation negatively affects the visuality of the label. Since cold gilding prints pass through soft clichés and rollers, no deformation occurs on the label and a clearer gilding image is obtained than hot gilding, as the transfer takes place with the specially prepared cliché.

Yaldız Üzerine Boya Baskı (Efektif Baskı)

Paint Printing on Gilding (Effective Printing)

Since gilding printing is applied externally in many label companies, hot gilding is applied with another machine after normal printing is completed on gilded labels. After this process, it is not possible to reprint to give an effect on the gilding applied. In Intersam, on the other hand, since the gilding process is done online during the printing phase, gilding can be applied in the desired unit and the printing process can be continued on the gilding.

Kısmi Lak

Partial Lacquer

Lacquer is a printing method applied to increase the permanence of the print and to make the labels appear brighter. In our company, lacquer application can be applied partially, unlike classical applications, unlike the industry. In this way, labels can be given a brighter and matte appearance.

Rotary Kesim

Rotary Cutting (Leaf Knife)

Especially in automatic label sticking machines, the most important thing to pay attention to in order to be able to apply to the packaging without any problems is not to damage the pergamum carrying the label. Due to the uneven hitting of the cutting blade while cutting the label during the cutting phase, the pergamum bursts, damaging the pergamum and deforming the silicone on the carrier, causing the label to not fit. Thanks to the rotary knife, labels that can be used without any problems in automatic labeling machines are obtained, as it has the ability to cut online at all times at the same tension.

Ofset baskı


Offset printing has been used in the printing industry for many years. Today, with the developing technology, it has been adapted to offset printing and roll-to-roll printing machines for label companies in printing houses. İntersam Etiket also adapted its machinery to new technologies and included a full UV Offset machine with 5 Color + Lacquer printing capacity. With our OFFSET system in our machine park, high circulation works can be printed without any problems, and it also offers a low cost advantage in numbered labels.

Serigrafi Baskı Makinesi

Screen Printing Machine

Although it has been a printing method applied in the printing and advertising sectors since ancient times, screen printing has only recently been used in the label sector. İntersam Label has included a full UV screen printing label printing machine in its wide machinery and offered it to its customers. The main areas where the screen printing technique is applied are dense and dark dye transfer of transparent labels, embossed lacquer application, and silvery effect prints. In addition, within the scope of social responsibility, six-dot alphabet for the visually impaired will be used on products in the near future. Since the method to be used for the six-dot alphabet on the label is the application of screen-printed swelling lacquer, Intersam Label aims to have experience in this field by investing in the future.